Blogs and wikis | HCL Digital Experience

A set of preinstalled web content libraries are supplied. With these libraries, you can add blog and wiki features to your websites. Use blogs, blog libraries, and wikis to tap into the power of the community and to change the way you work.

Blogs can be a helpful tool to use when you want to generate ideas around a single topic. You can use blogs for your own individual work or to gain feedback on a single concept from the larger team. Blog libraries take blogs to the next level. Rather than creating a blog per topic, you can use blog libraries to track multiple topics in a centralized location. Wikis also provide you with another alternative for authoring content. Simple inline editing, including the insertion of images and links, makes authoring wikis quick and easy. You can also tag and rate blog and wiki content.

Blogs, blog libraries, and wikis use the template libraries that are provided by HCL Web Content Manager. Each blog, blog library, and wiki have its own library. The page hierarchy that is provided for these components is the common one defined by the Web Content Manager template libraries.

If you show an authoring template in the Create Content toolbar, set the summary presentation on the authoring template. This way, users see this summary presentation when they choose Add to page to add a reference of a piece of content from another page. If you do not set the summary presentation on the authoring template, the portal shows a message that says There is no summary presentation for this content. To set the summary presentation on the authoring templates, go to the authoring template and then select a presentation template under Item Properties.