HCL Sametime | HCL Digital Experience

The HCL Sametime portlets are installed with HCL Portal and deployed automatically.

The Sametime Web 2.0 Contact List portlet is available from the Applications > Collaboration area of the portal site.

People awareness

Users can view contact and other typical business card information for a registered user by displaying the Person card. The Person card is available through a wide range of portal components including Domino® and Sametime® integration, personalization, and Web content authoring. To view the Person card, move the cursor over an active (underlined) person's name and then select Click for Person Card.

When Sametime is enabled in your portal configuration, users can work with the complete set of people awareness functionality, which includes instant messaging and application sharing through e-meetings. Person names appear aware - with a dynamic online status indicator. Click Profile to display full information about the person. Additional actions can include:

  • Send Mail
  • Chat
  • Add as Sametime Contact

If you choose not to enable Sametime in your portal configuration, people awareness functionality is more limited. People's names appear as hyperlinks, but with no people awareness icon next to each name, and available actions on the Person card are limited to those that are native to HCL Portal.