Add on new capability

You do not have to wait until the next release to add on new features to your installed Exceptional Digital Experience software. From the Modify option, you can add HCL Web Content Manager to your portal installation, and use the Solution Installer to distribute Portal Application Archive applications to your environment.

All Modify topology options assume that you already installed HCL Digital Experience.

Install a PAA File

PAA files provide you with add-ons (applications and solutions) that were not included when you installed the current release of the product. You can download PAA files from the Solutions Catalog or develop your own PAA files.

PAA files must reside on the system that you plan to deploy the files. After you place the PAA files in the correct location, upload these files into the Configuration Wizard to install and deploy the PAA files to your environment. The Configuration Wizard lists the components of the PAA files that you can install. You can deploy all of these components to a single portal. You can also choose to run the workflow multiple times to deploy specific components of your PAA file to different portals or virtual portals.

See an example of using a PAA file

For example, you can go to the Solutions Catalog to download the Content Template Catalog with Site Builder. First, download the PAA file that is needed for this solution to the correct system. Next, use the Configuration Wizard to install and deploy your PAA file to start building sites. The Content Template Catalog provides you with templates that contain pre-configured portlets, slide shows, carousels, and more. Use the Content Template Catalog with Site Builder so that you can accelerate the process of building sites based on Content Template Catalog components.