Download configuration scripts

Choose to download the configuration scripts if you plan to run the scripts instead of completing the steps from the wizard, or if you need to run these steps on a remote system.

You can download a compressed file that is named WorkflowInstanceScriptsAll that contains scripts, instructions, and other files to a directory of your choice. The Configuration Wizard creates the following files:
Instruction file (.html) named after your workflow
The instruction file provides you with tailored steps for your configuration and your target operating system. Based on the information you provided, an instruction file is created to guide you in running scripts in combination with other manual configuration steps for your specific configuration goal.
Depending on the conditions of your environment, the script files use a .sh or .bat file extension or are simple text files. Use the scripts, along with other manual configuration steps described by your instruction file, to perform your configuration. For example, your customized instructions might provide you with a script to run a ConfigEngine task rather than you running the task.
Configuration helper files with updated property values entered for your configuration are created when customizing instructions for your configuration option. You can use these helper files to save time later.
.wfi file
The .wfi file is used for troubleshooting your configuration option.