Removing the Content Template from virtual portals | HCL Digital Experience

If you installed any virtual portals with the properties CTC_DEMO or CTC_TEMPLATES set as true, follow these instructions to remove the CTC Demo site and page templates from your virtual portals.

About this task

Follow these instructions to edit the file to flag the CTC Demo site and page templates for uninstalling and then uninstall the components from each virtual portal.


  1. Change the installation configuration in the file, in the wp.ctc folder in the solutions installer offering directory.

    This is configured to be wp_profile_root/paa/wp.ctc, but can be located elsewhere depending on the environment's Solutions Installer configuration.

    1. Prevent the base components from being uninstalled by setting the following properties to "false":
      • components/wp.ctc
      • components/wp.ctc.sitetemplates
      • components/
      • components/wp.ctc.templates
    2. Mark the demo and page templates to be uninstalled by setting the following properties to "true":
      • components/wp.ctc.demo
      • components/
  2. Open a command prompt and navigate to the wp_profile_root directory.
  3. Run the ConfigEngine batch or script file with the remove-paa parameter to remove the CTC Demo site from each virtual portal. Repeat the command for each virtual portal where the demo or templates were installed. For example:
    ConfigEngine.bat remove-paa -DappName=wp.ctc -DVirtualPortalContext=virtual_portal_context_url 
    AIX® HP-UX Linux
    ./ remove-paa -DappName=wp.ctc -DVirtualPortalContext=virtual_portal_context_url 


    • VirtualPortalHostName is the host name of the virtual portal.
    • VirtualPortalContext is the context path for the virtual portal.
  4. Open a command prompt and navigate to the PortalServer_root/bin directory.
  5. To remove the page templates, run the xmlaccess batch or script file with these parameters:
    xmlaccess.bat -user username -password userpassword -url vpconfigurl -in wp_profile_root/paa/wp.ctc/components/wp.ctc.templates/xmlaccess/uninstall/delete-ctc-templates.xml
    AIX® HP-UX Linux
    ./ -user username -password userpassword -url vpconfigurl -in wp_profile_root/paa/wp.ctc/components/wp.ctc.templates/xmlaccess/uninstall/delete-ctc-templates.xml
    Where username is an admin user and userpassword is its password, and where vpconfigurl is the virtual portal config URL. For example:
    • http://server:port/wps/config/VirtualPortalContext
    • http://VirtualPortalHostName:port/wps/config/