Removing the Content Template from the base portal | HCL Digital Experience

Removing Content Template Catalog core components and assembly is part of the uninstallation process. Follow these steps to remove the Content Template from the base portal.


  1. Change the installation configuration in the file, in the wp.ctc folder in the solutions installer offering directory.

    This is configured to be wp_profile_root/paa/wp.ctc, but can be located elsewhere depending on the environment's Solutions Installer configuration.

    Enable uninstallation of all components by setting the following properties to "true":

    • components/wp.ctc
    • components/wp.ctc.sitetemplates
    • components/
    • components/wp.ctc.templates
    • components/wp.ctc.demo
    • components/
  2. Open a command prompt and navigate to the wp_profile_root/ConfigEngine directory.
  3. Run the ConfigEngine batch or script file with the remove-paa parameter to remove the Content Template assembly. For example:
    ConfigEngine.bat remove-paa -DappName=wp.ctc
    AIX® HP-UX Linux
    ./ remove-paa -DappName=wp.ctc
  4. Type and run the following command to uninstall Content Template:
    ConfigEngine.bat uninstall-paa -DappName=wp.ctc
    ConfigEngine.bat uninstall-paa -DappName=wp.ctc -DforceUninstall=true
    AIX® HP-UX Linux
    ./ uninstall-paa -DappName=wp.ctc
    ./ uninstall-paa -DappName=wp.ctc -DforceUninstall=true
  5. Using a WebDAV client, go to the /wps/mycontenthandler/dav/fs-type1/themes/Portal8.5 directory.
    1. Delete ctc.json from the contributions folder.
    2. Delete profile_ctc_deferred.json from the profiles folder.
    3. Delete the CTC folder.
  6. Restart HCL Portal.