Creating an authoring template

An authoring template is used to define the default authoring settings for site areas and content items. This includes the design of the authoring form, what fields and elements appear on the authoring form, and default values for fields and elements.

About this task

Use your own library to store the authoring template. Do not store it in the CTC Design library.


  1. Copy an existing CTC template as a starting point if there is one that is similar. Otherwise, create a template from scratch.
  2. Add the new elements that you require or modify existing ones.
  3. Save the new template.
  4. Copy a content creation toolbar component (in the Inline Editing folder in CTC Design) and save it in your own library.
  5. To create content with your new authoring template, modify the content creation toolbar. The toolbar is an Inline Authoring Tools component.
  6. Save the new content creation toolbar.