Feeds | CTC for HCL Digital Experience

Content Template Catalog implements a feed solution that uses HCL Web Content Manager querying components like menu components and personalization components. The feeds are served up as a content item through the HCL Web Content Manager servlet. They have a well-defined URL whose name you can control that remains static over time.

Each feed is represented by a content item with the authoring template Content Feed. This template is used to provide the metadata for a feed, such as title, subtitle, icon, and email address. You also select the component that retrieves the list of content for the feed.

You can create multiple Content Feeds in a single area, for example, to represent categorized views on a data set. You can also aggregate all feeds under a landing page into a single list or across the entire site. To aggregate feeds, you retrieve all Content Feed items across an area of the site and then present the results as a list of feeds.