Creating page templates | CTC for HCL Digital Experience

You can turn any page into a page template by moving the page into the page templates area in Portal. Then move the accompanying content into the microsites area in CTC Content.

About this task

Developers used this process to create the original Content Template Catalog templates. They created an initial set of templates and built the rest through instantiation, then modifying them and moving them back into the templates area.


  1. Create a page with content, which are the basis for the new page template and microsite:
    1. Instantiate a page from a template similar to what you want to build.
    2. If this is an index page, also instantiate the detail page.
    3. Modify the page for your content and design. Add component configurations and teasers, modify the layout, and so on.
    4. If this is for a new type of content, apply the new authoring template to all of the sample content and fill in any additional fields.
    5. Test that everything on your new page works.
  2. Move the new page to the template area:
    1. Go to the Manage Pages area in the portal Administration.
    2. Navigate to the page that you want to turn into a template.
    3. Mark this page for moving.
    4. Navigate to the Page Templates label, and move your page here.
  3. Move the content into the microsites area:
    1. In the HCL Web Content Manager authoring interface, navigate to the site area that is mapped to your new page template.
    2. Move this site area into your own "microsites" library where you will store the site areas and content associated with your page templates.


You now have a template that you can instantiate into your own sites.