Microsites created from page templates

When a Content Template Catalog page template is instantiated, a partial site, called a microsite, is copied into your site at the same time.

These microsites are in the CTC Content library and serve a number of purposes:
  • They instantiate a structure for content, components, and other items.
  • They provide sample content so the area does not start out empty.
  • They provide sample page component configurations for lists, navigation, and other components. The structure of each microsite that is provided with Content Template is similar. Each site has site areas for storing all the artifacts for an area, such as promotional material, page component configurations for lists, and slideshows. It also has areas for storing feeds and the actual content items.

The page structure and the site structure link together. Each landing and index page links to a microsite root area and the details pages link to the "Content" areas in the HCL Web Content Manager site.

As you instantiate pages from Content Template page templates, you build a Web Content Manager site by starting with the main page. The site contains all of the appropriate structures, page component configurations, and sample content you need to create a working site. The site that you build then accommodates the addition of content and more components by using the Content Template applications and Content types or creating them manually.