Dynamic Sidebar

This portlet is used with content items created with the Section authoring template to display the content item that is selected in the Sidebar element of the content item.


The Section authoring template includes a link element named Sidebar. This can be used to reference a content item that is then rendered in this portlet. This is used to vary what content is shown on a Section Details page. Only Web Content Manager content items are valid for this element. Do not select a component or URL.

The Dynamic Sidebar portlet has a context processor that is associated with it that looks for the Sidebar link element, and if not empty, renders the selected content item.

Adding the portlet to a page


  1. Go to the page where you want to display content.
  2. Click Edit Mode.
  3. Click Create > Appications and search for dynamic.
  4. Drag the Dynamic Sidebar portlet to the page and save the page.