Dynamic Post-Body

This portlet is used with content items created with the Section authoring template to display the content item that is selected in the Post-Body element of the content item.


The Section authoring template includes a link element named Post-Body. This element can be used to reference a content item that is then rendered in this portlet so that you can vary what content is shown on a Section Details page. Only Web Content Manager content items are valid for this element. Do not select a component or URL.

The Dynamic Post-Body portlet has a context processor that is associated with it that looks for the Post-Body link element, and if not empty, renders the selected content item.

Adding the portlet to a page


  1. Go to the page where you want to display content.
  2. Click Edit Mode.
  3. Click Create > Appications and search for dynamic.
  4. Drag the Dynamic Post-Body portlet to the page and save the page.