Device Application Object: Location attributes | HCL Digital Experience

You can use location to tailor the content that displays. The Device application object contains five location attributes that you can use in rules that you create: latitude, longitude, country, state, and city.

About this task

To receive latitude and longitude information from a user's device:
  • You must enable the geolocation theme module on HCL Digital Experience.
  • The user that accesses your site must use a device that is location aware and selected to share location information about their device to your site.
  • The client software on the device (the browser) must support HTML5.

Country, state, and city attributes are resolved from the latitude and longitude coordinates of the user's device or from the IP address that is obtained by using a reverse geocoding service. A reverse geocoding service is not provided with HCL. Use the geolocation interface and registration mechanism that is provided with HCL to define how to deploy the service you use.