User resources | HCL Digital Experience

Your Web site visitors want to quickly access the Web content that meets their needs and interests. The needs and interests of the site visitors are stored as properties in the user profile data store.

Many sites obtain the user needs and preferences by using an HTML input form. The input form includes information that seldom changes (such as the user name and address) and information that must be updated over time (such as gift wish lists). In addition to explicit information provided by the site visitor in the HTML input form, a business might also programmatically update the user profile data store with information obtained from other sources. These sources could include an analysis of a user's actions on the Web site and data from a user's non-Web interactions with the business.

Although users are unique, personalizing Web content does not often require creating totally unique content for each user. Users can be profiled or grouped into categories that facilitate personalization. For example, on an internal Web site, certain information might be appropriate for managers, while other content may be suitable for salespersons.

Note: The Portal User Collection resource collection included with Personalization cannot currently be used to select lists of users in select content rules. The resource collection may be used to profile the user in a profiler rule. This applies to both the user resource collection which is installed with Personalization as well as any custom resource collections created with the manager class