Auto-detecting user mail information from a secondary LDAP server | HCL Digital Experience

You can set the Lotus Collaborative Services in the portal to detect users' mail file information from an additional (secondary) non-Domino LDAP user directory. For example, you may need to configure two directories if your organization has one for customers and one for employees.

Before you begin

The secondary LDAP directory server is specified for the property CS_SERVER_DOMINO_DIRECTORY_1.custom_ldap_host.

About this task

Modify the file.

The following example shows the syntax with comments.

# Optional advanced settings 
# The following fields are disabled, by default.
# If it is enabled (determined by custom_ldap_host) and a different server is specified,
# The following user information will be retrieved from this secondary server.
# Mail Server,  Mail file and Email address