Planning for collaborative servers and portlets | HCL Digital Experience

Setting up a site with HCL Domino integration requires decisions about user directories, security, authentication, and performance. View some use cases that may help you make decisions leading to a successful Domino integration.

Performance considerations

When integrating Domino® into your portal environment, consider performance when deciding how many and which servers you need.

For example, to use a Domino® LDAP server as the user directory (repository) for the portal, install portal on a separate machine from the Domino® LDAP server configured to support collaborative features in the portlets. The Domino® LDAP server for the portal user directory should reside on a machine that is dedicated to serving the portal environment and all its users.

IBM® i: It is recommended that a specific Domino® server be created to run the collaborative components, and that it should reside on the same IBM® i server as HCL Portal.