Collaborative Services environment properties

If your collaborative site requires optional configuration that is not accomplished by the tasks that you run on the HCL Digital Experience server to integrate IBM® Domino® and the collaboration products, you can modify the operation of the collaborative servers and portlets in various ways by manually editing the Lotus® Collaborative Services environment properties file ( on the HCL Portal server.

The file is installed in the following directory:
IBM® i
This file contains the following information about the portal environment:
  • A flag to indicate whether the Collaborative Services are being used within the portal context
  • Location, protocol, port, and version of Domino® Directory server
  • Location, protocol, port, and version of HCL Sametime server for Sametime 8.5.1 or earlier
  • Configuration and performance tuning settings specific to Collaborative Services
  • A flag to indicate the type of token that is being used: lpta token or ltpa token2