People Finder | HCL Digital Experience

The People Finder portlet provides both quick search and advanced search options for locating people and information about people. Once found, a person is visible to other users as a person link that indicates online presence and displays a menu of instant messaging and other options.

Hovering over the person link provides an option to display the person's business card (also known as person card). To view the profile, select Profile on the business card. For more information on the business card, see the section "Person card" in the People Awareness topic.

You can add the People Finder portlet to a page in the same manner that you add any portlet. People Finder is then immediately available when the page is rendered. If you add People Finder to a page, you must configure the profile parameter of that page before you add the portlet.
  1. Turn Edit Mode on.
  2. Click Page.
  3. On the General tab, click Edit Page Properties.
  4. Click the Advanced tab.
  5. Scroll to the Theme Settings section.
  6. Select Basic Content with Dojo from the Profile menu.
  7. Click Save.
  8. Add the People Finder portlet to the page.

The People Finder portlet appears when users click the Find a User link that appears at the end of any HCL Digital Experience page when the back-end server is J2EE.

People Finder is supported as a remote WSRP service.

People Finder supports the Java Portlet Specification. For more information, read the information about developing portlets.

For information about the People Finder portlet, view the help that is available when you select Configure from the drop-down menu on the portlet title bar.

Using the People Finder portlet

Users interact with the People Finder portlet through the following features, which appear in one or more views of the portlet:

  • Quick Search and Quick Search Results, including Business Card fields
  • Advanced Search and Advanced Search Results
  • Profile page, including Business Card fields
  • Organization view, including Business Card fields

Setting up People Finder

Use the configuration mode to specify which fields to display in the People Finder portlet. The fields that are available for selection when configuring the portlet are based on a mapping of attributes from the user repository to the Member Manager component of HCL Portal. People Finder requires a mapping for the uid and mail attributes. To learn more about attribute mapping or how to determine which attributes are defined to the portal, see the section "Adding more attributes to VMM."

For People Finder, make sure your site meets the following client and server requirements.

Client requirements

This portlet supports browsers capable of rendering HTML markup.

Table 1. Minimum requirements for HTML
Item Description
Markup level HTML 4.01 Transitional
Java applet n/a
JavaScript n/a
<iframe> No
Style sheets Portal styles only
Software The People Finder portlet is compatible with specific Web browser software releases. For details, see the HCL Portal hardware and software requirements.
Accessibility Yes

Server requirements

There are no special server requirements for the People Finder portlet.


This portlet is installed automatically as part of HCL Portal installation.

Configuration parameters

Config_ResultSetLimit is the only parameter that you can edit. Use the Configure command. Do not modify any configuration parameter values for the People Finder portlet in the Portlet Management. Click the Administration menu icon. Then, click Portlet Management > Portlets. Use this interface only for viewing parameters when troubleshooting portlet configuration.

Table 2. Configuration parameters
Parameter Value
ConfigHelpURI The location and name of the JSP containing topics launched from the Help command when configuring People Finder.

Default: /help/pfind_config.jsp

SearchHelpURI The location and name of the JSP containing topics launched from the Help command in the Profile page of the People Finder. Topics in this JSP include Help for person links, Quick Search, Quick Search Results, Advanced Search, and Advanced Search Results.

Default: /help/pfind_view_search_for_people.jsp

PersonRecordHelpURI The location and name of the JSP containing topics launched from the Help command in the Profile page and Organization view of the People Finder.

Default: /help/pfind_view_display_person_info.jsp

Config_PageIndexLimit Specifies the maximum number of search results to be returned per page by Quick Search and Advanced Search.

Default: 5

Config_RecursionSetLimit Specifies the maximum number of recursions performed by search and retrieval on the manager attribute for a given person. The limit of recursions performed on the manager attribute determines the number of managers responsible for the found person that appear in the Organization View.








These parameters appear in the portlet after fields are specified in configuration mode.

Do not modify these parameters.