Learn about the template libraries used by wikis | HCL Digital Experience

Wikis use the template libraries provided by HCL Web Content Manager. Wikis use the Web Resources v70 library and the Wiki v70 library. The page hierarchy that is provided for wikis is the common one defined by the Web Content Manager template libraries.

Note: The Web Content Manager libraries described in this topic only work with the theme customizer used in the default theme. Customization to these libraries affects all wikis on the site.

Web Resources v70 library

The Web Resources v70 library provides the authoring and presentation templates for wikis. All wikis on the site use this single shared library. Changes to the main shared library affects all wikis.

Wiki template

When you add a wiki to a page, a copy of the Wiki v70 library is created using the name that you provided when adding the wiki to a page. The copy of the wiki v70 library is used to store wiki page content when new pages are added to this wiki.