Adding a wiki to a page | HCL Digital Experience

With Editor access to the portal or the portal page, you can add a wiki to a page to quickly create and edit content in-line.


  1. Create a project or access an existing project, and open the project in edit mode.
  2. If you did not already, create a page for the wiki or open an existing page.
    Note: Wiki requires a certain amount of horizontal screen space to render properly, and is not supported for mobile devices. For desktops applications with limited horizontal screen space, use the portlet in a one-column layout.
  3. Click the Content tab, then click Communications.
  4. Click Wiki.
  5. Click Add to page.
  6. Provide a name. Then, click Add.

    The name is used for the portlet title, library display title, and library name. It can contain alphanumeric characters, spaces, and the following characters: $ - _ . ! ( ) ,. If you use other characters, they are replaced by characters that are supported by the HCL Web Content Manager library.

  7. Click Save Draft.

    This action copies the appropriate Web Content Manager wiki template library and places an instance of the web content viewer on the page.

What to do next

After you publish the site, click New Page to add content or click Edit to modify content. To delete a wiki page, click Delete.

Note: Tagged web content that is displayed in the web content viewer is only available when there is a single instance of this portlet on the page. When you click a tag result, the Tag Center broadcasts the information on what content displays in the viewer with a public render parameter. If you have multiple instances of web content that is displayed in the web content viewer, then these instances display the content that you tagged rather than display the original content of these instances.