Assigning wiki access to users

If you are the administrator, you have Site Manager access and can assign Editor access to other users who need to create and manage wikis within the site. If you are the owner of a wiki site, you have Manager access. As wiki site Manager, you can also delete any wiki page or wiki. If you have Editor access, you can create and edit any wiki site and wiki pages. All wiki editors can modify all pages of a wiki site.

About this task

If you are a contributor, you can view wiki pages. By default, all portal users can view content in a wiki after it is created.

For an example of assigning access to users, refer to the following instructions for adding users to the Editor role:


  1. Click the Administration menu icon. Then, click Portal Content > Web Content Libraries.
  2. Go to the library that contains the wiki you want to manage and click Set Permissions.
  3. Click Edit Role for the Editor role.
  4. Click Add to assign users or groups to the Editor role. Search for the users or groups that belong to this role.