Specifying custom icons for content items in a content template | HCL Digital Experience

You can specify custom icons for content items that are displayed in the web content authoring interface by deploying the image file or multi-scale ZIP file directly into a content template.

About this task

  • Supported image file formats are PNG, JPG, and SVG.
  • If you are using multi-scale icons, the collection of images must be compressed into a ZIP file.


  1. Click the Applications menu icon in the site toolbar.
  2. Click Content > Web Content Authoring.
  3. Create a content template, or edit an existing content template.
  4. Go to the Form Properties section of the Content Template tab.
  5. Click Upload under Preview Image Icon.
  6. Upload or select a file component that contains an image, or a multi-scale ZIP file that contains images of various sizes and locales.
  7. Click Save and Close.
  8. The preview image is used instead of the standard content item icon within the web content authoring interface and within the Site Manager.