Adding content: Site Toolbar or Site Manager | HCL Digital Experience

When adding content to a site in edit mode, a content author has the choice of using either the Site Toolbar or Site Manager. Site developers need to consider which option is best for their content authors.

Adding web content by using Site Manager

The Site Manager dialog is accessed by opening the toolbar and clicking the context menu next to a page name, and clicking Create Content. The content items created using this method are single pieces of content. They are based on authoring templates created by using web content authoring portlet. This method is useful for adding single pieces of content to a site.

Adding page components using the toolbar

The Page Components palette is accessed by clicking Add page components and applications from the toolbar. The Page Components palette is used to add more complex types of content to a page that are author-ready. Although a page can be configured to display a large number of different articles, the page component itself contains content that does not change and that ignores the context of the current article.