Customizing the Web Content Authoring portlet | HCL Digital Experience

To customize each Web Content Authoring portlet for the people who use that portlet, you can edit the shared settings of each Web Content Authoring portlet on your authoring system.

About this task

For example, you can configure authoring portlets in the following ways:
  • Select only the libraries that your users use. For example, if you configure an authoring portlet that you want to be used only by content creators, select only libraries that are used to store content items.
  • Edit the preview options to best suit your users and the type of website they are creating. You can choose to preview pages on a standard website, on a local web content viewer on the same server as the authoring portlet, or on a web content viewer portlet on a different server.
  • Customize the appearance of the authoring portlet by defining various user interface settings. You can use these settings to change some of the default settings of an authoring portlet, or to select a custom launch page to use in place of the default user interface.
  • Select an appropriate rich text editor for your users.
In HCL Digital Experience, the Web Content Authoring portlet is on a hidden page. If you want to configure the portlet to use only a subset of the available site libraries, proceed as follows:


  1. To open the Manage Pages portlet, click the Administration menu icon. Then, click Portal User Interface > Manage Pages.
  2. Search for a page with the unique name
  3. Select Edit Page Layout.
  4. From the portlet menu, select Edit shared settings. The portal shows a dialog window.
  5. In the window, click Library Selection.
  6. Configure which libraries you want to use for the authoring portlet.
  7. Click OK in the dialog window.
  8. Click Done in the main window.


You successfully configured the libraries for the Web Content Authoring portlet.