Solution versions

Solution version is a combination of different versions of one or more applications in a pipeline.

You can use a solution version to combine the required application versions from the pipeline and deploy them to different stages. A solution version includes the application versions that are tested and working in a stage and can be deployed into any stage in the pipeline. You can roll back or upgrade the version of applications in the solution version. You can add only the compatible combinations of application versions to the solution version.

The solution version is built incrementally to ensure that the tested combinations are included. You can create only one solution versions with a combination of deployed applications versions in a stage. You can deploy the solution version created in a stage into other stages in the pipeline.

During the build phase, a solution version is called a solution draft version. Any changes to the deployed application versions of a draft solution version in a stage are updated automatically in the solution version inventory. You can edit the combination of applications by editing the draft solution version. After the solution version is published, the version of the solution version is locked and its inventory cannot be updated.

When a new solution version is deployed in the stage where there is already a solution version is deployed, then the published solution version is either reverted to draft status or removed completely.