Overview of DevOps Velocity

Use HCL DevOps Velocity (Velocity) to automate your release lifecycle and manage your DevOps value streams.

Velocity is an enterprise-scale release management application that supports both cloud-native and on-premises deployment. You can use Velocity to move releases through all your development life-cycle environments including planning, development, testing, and production. You can create a predictable schedule of releases for your software applications. Your release plans and statuses are shared with all stakeholders so that they know the schedules and the key milestones and identify issues that may delay releases.

The value stream provides a strategic window into your life-cycle workflow while simultaneously enabling you to drill-down and monitor individual elements. The elements including builds, pull requests, issues, and tests that is collected from tools that you integrate into Velocity. Individual elements are represented graphically by small circles called dots. Dots can provide information from logically related tools, such as issues linked to Source control management (SCM).

The pipeline feature enables you to drive releases by using application-focused methods. Add applications to logical environments and let Velocity generate the deployment plans required to deploy the applications.

The Insights metric data tools enable you to assess the efficiency and quality of projects. You can measure every aspect of the development life-cycle with the supplied charts. You can create your own charts with metric definitions and upload custom data to Velocity using the Application programming interface (API) endpoints. Because data sources also encompass plugins and API calls, project data can come from virtually anywhere, including planning and development tools, testing and building applications, and deployment processes.

By integrating with your HCL DevOps Deploy (Deploy) environments, you can request reports based on your criterion from data retrieved from your Deploy environment. In addition, there are several standard reports that you can customize.

Velocity is available in several editions. The free Community Edition (CE) supports two concurrent users. The licensed Standard Edition (SE) supports unlimited users and provides product support. You can also try the SE edition free for 60 days.