Home page

Use the Home page to view value streams, releases, and insights defined in your environment.

Access the Home page and user interface using the URL provided by your administrator. To access the user interface, the administrator must authenticate your credentials. After logging into HCL DevOps Velocity (Velocity), the Home page is displayed. From the Home page, you can view value streams, releases, and insights.

The Home page task bar allows you to access details and work with value streams, releases, and insights. Click Value Streams, Releases, or Insights to view respective home pages where you can manage value streams, govern software releases, and view real-time report information for your DevOps process.

If you have administrator privileges, there are several functions available. Click Settings (settings icon) on the task bar to perform the following tasks.
  • Setup the calendar
  • Perform integrations and install plugins
  • View license management details
  • Manage user authorization
  • Manage user authentication
  • Configure email server
  • View your profile and create User access keys (UAKs)

The Home page displays all recently viewed value streams and releases with each represented in respective card views. Click the required card to work with value streams and releases. Click View all to access the Value Streams and Releases pages.