Creating wait for approval tasks

A Wait for approval task pauses a deployment until a designated user provides approval. Email notifications are sent to users when the task starts.

Before you begin

Before using email tasks in your deployments, setup an email server.

About this task

To create a wait for approval task, complete the following steps:


  1. On the Deployment plan detail page, click Create Task.
    If you want to insert a task at a specific position in the plan, select a task before using the Create Task. The new task is inserted above the selected task.
  2. On the Create Task dialog box, in the Type list, select Wait for approval.
  3. In the Name field, enter a name for the task.
  4. In the Approval prompt field, enter the text that you want to include in the email message.
    The text is displayed in the Task Details section of the email.
  5. In the Approvers list, select the users or groups designated to approve the task.
    Team members and groups are available to choose.
  6. In the Required approver area, specify whether all the approvers must approve the task, or a single approver is sufficient.
  7. Click Save.
    The task is inserted into the deployment plan.


When the task runs, email notifications are sent to the selected approvers. The deployment plan cannot progress until the task is approved or skipped. Approval is granted by completing the task in the deployment plan.
Note: For information on pipeline notifications, see this page.

Approving wait for approval task

You can approve the wait for approval task using the received email notifications.

About this task

Designated approval user receives the email notification for approving the wait for approval tasks. The email notification contains the task information for which the wait for approval task needs to be approved.

You can click Approve or Reject for approving or rejecting the wait for approval task.

By default, designated users can approve the task or share the email notification to any user for approving. You can prevent the latter functionality by enabling the authorized-approval feature flag.

To activate this security feature, enter the feature name authorized-approval under featureFlags . After enabling authorized-approval feature flag , only designated users can approve or reject the wait for the approval task. To approve or reject, the user must login HCL DevOps Velocity (Velocity). Not designated users are not authorized to approve or reject the wait for approval task using the email notification.