Managing releases

Release management is the process of planning, scheduling, and controlling software deliveries.

About this task

The Releases page displays information about releases. This page provides access to the calendar, tasks, events, release activities, and related details.

The page contains the calendar or list of tasks. Click Calendar to view the calendar. To hide the calender and task bar, click . To view tasks, click Tasks. When viewing tasks, you can select to view only your tasks or all tasks. To view events, click Events. To create an event, click .

Release activities are displayed in a tile or list () format. Using the search bar on the top of the page, you can limit the amount of information displayed by typing a filter to narrow the search results. Additionally, click the filter () to limit the list of displayed release activities to: Complete, In progress, or Scheduled. Click an item in the Release activities list to view specific release details.

Click the tag ( ) to toggle on or off the display of tags associated with the release activity.

To create a new release, click Create release.

To import the releases and events, click Import Release.

You can also use this page to access and work with release templates by clicking Templates on the page.

Click Archived to view and work with releases removed from the Releases page and the calendar.

You can view release details, such as deployment plans associated with the release, by clicking Overview. This page will display headings that include: Plans, Task progress, Approvals, and Change requests.

  • Plans associated with the release an be viewed by clicking Plans. The number above the Plans heading is the total number deployment plans related to this release.
  • Tasks details can be viewed by clicking Task progress. The number above the Task progress heading displays the number of associated tasks not completed and total number of tasks. Click the task for additional task information.
  • Click Approvals to display approvals details. The number above the Approvals heading is the total number of approvals. Click the approval name for details about a specific approval.
  • Click Change requests to display a list of ServiceNow™ change requests. The number above the Change requests heading is the total number of ServiceNow™ change requests. 

Click  Properties to display a properties defined in the plan and property value. You can add or change the property value by double-clicking the VALUE property field. Click the check mark to save the value.

To create a new deployment plan, click Create deployment plan.