Updating the WebSphere Trust Association Interceptor filter for OAuth

To configure the Connections Mobile server for OAuth requires two steps. First, update the WebSphere Trust Association Interceptor filter for OAuth and then, second, update mobile-config.xml. These steps are not required when installing Connections 6 CR2 or later. These steps are required only when installing the Connections 6.0 CR1 iFix for OAuth support.


  1. Navigate to Security > Global Security.
  2. Within the Administration section, locate Web and SIP settings and select Trust Associations.
  3. Under Trust association, select Interceptors.
  4. In the list of Interceptors, open the selector com.ibm.ws.security.oauth20.tai.OAuthTAI.
  5. Select the provider_1.filter row and click Edit. The filter value should already start with request-url^=/
  6. Verify that the following paths are all listed in the filter definition. If any are missing, add them and then save the changes to the master: