Using client identity certificates

Connections Mobile 6.0.7 or later supports authentication using client identity certificates plus OAuth token-based authentication. This provides an additional authentication factor if this is desired.

Follow the steps in Importing client certificates to setup client certificate authentication within the Connections Mobile app

When client identity certificates are used in combination with OAuth, the client identity certificate will be validated first, then token-based authentication will occur. Connections Mobile will provide the client identity certificate to any endpoint that challenges for identity certificates. This is typically the Connections server API endpoints but also could be the OAuth authorization and token endpoints.

Restrictions for Connections Mobile on iOS

  • If the authorization endpoint also requires client identity certificates, you must deploy the client identity certificate both within the Connections mobile app for iOS (See Configuring client certificates on iOS), and deploy the certificate within the Apple iOS settings application.
  • Multiple accounts to the same Connections server using certificates and OAuth is not supported. When using both client certificates and OAuth, creating an additional account to the same Connections server will result in an error.