Migrating from previous authentication types to using OAuth

If there are users who have deployed the Connections Mobile app, they can be automatically migrated to using OAuth once the OAuth infrastructure is in place and the mobile-config.xml has been modified to indicate that OAuth should be used as the authentication type. If there are already users deployed with Connections Mobile, make sure that the OAuth Authorization server is in place and functional before making any changes to mobile-config.xml. Updating mobile-config.xml must be the last step, as once this is made, Connections Mobile apps will start using a new authentication method.

If a mobile user is using an older version of Connections Mobile prior to version 6.0.6 that includes the OAuth support, those clients will ignore the OAuth setting and continue to use basic authentication. As long as the Connections Server endpoint will continue to support basic authentication, these mobile users will not notice any changes until they upgrade to the latest Connections Mobile client.

For users who have deployed the Connections Mobile 6.0.6 app or later, once OAuth is enabled in mobile-config.xml, these apps will log the user out of their connections mobile account and ask them to login via the configured authorize web form configured in your Authorization Server. Note that if they had previously saved a user ID and password for login in the Connections Mobile app, these are not automatically pre-filled on any web forms. The mobile user will need to fill out the login form again.