Submitting files for review

When draft review is enabled, you must submit new or updated files for review before you can publish them to the library.

About this task

When you submit a draft file for review, the file is locked and you cannot make changes to it. If the draft is approved, the file is published to the library. If the draft is rejected, the file is returned to you so that you can update and resubmit it.

If you need to make further changes to a file while the review is still pending, you can stop the review so that you can unlock the file and continue working on it.


To submit a new or updated file for review, complete the following steps.
  1. Upload the file to the library if it is not already uploaded.
    For more information, see Adding files to a library.
  2. Click the file name to open its summary page.
  3. Click Submit for Review.
  4. Optional: If the Add Reviewers option is available, click the link to designate one or more additional reviewers of your file.
  5. Optional: Click Leave an optional comment for the Reviewer(s) to include a message for the file reviewers.
  6. Click Submit.


The designated file reviewers are notified that your file requires their review.

What to do next

If you need to continue editing the file while the review is still pending, you can cancel the review by clicking Stop Review on the file summary page. You can resubmit the file for review after you have finished making updates.