Bookmarking important places

Have you seen something on the web you'd like to share? Bookmark the site to make it available to community members.

Adding bookmarks

Follow these steps to add a bookmark to your community:
  1. In the navigation bar, click Bookmarks > Add Bookmark.
  2. Enter the details of web address you want to bookmark. Most websites supply details such as title and description, you can edit these details if they're available.
  3. If the website is important, select Add to Important Bookmarks. You'll see the bookmark appear on the community's Overview page.
Tip: URLs may change over time causing your bookmarks to break. If this happens, delete the old bookmark, and add the revised bookmark again. To delete a bookmark, click Bookmarks on the community's Overview page. Next to the bookmark that you want to remove, click More > Delete > OK to delete the bookmark.