Configuring a gallery to display files and folders

The Gallery app allows you to showcase files of any type, such as photos, videos, and office files, on the community overview page. When it is configured, the Gallery is renamed with the folder or community name and displays thumbnail images for the files. You can have multiple galleries in a community.

About this task

Configure the Gallery to display content from community folders.
Note: You cannot upload files to a community gallery. Instead, you add files to community folders by using the Files app and then use a gallery to view these files.


To configure a gallery, complete the following steps.
  1. Add a gallery to your community. Click Community Actions > Add Apps.
  2. Click on the Gallery app. A new gallery is added to your community.
  3. From the Gallery app on the community Overview page, click Set up the Gallery.
  4. Do one of the following actions:
    • To configure the gallery to display all community files, select All Community files.
    • To configure the gallery to display files from a single folder, select that folder.
      Note: The folders that are listed include community folders and folders that are shared with the community.
  5. Click Set As Gallery.


The Gallery is renamed with the folder or community name and a thumbnail image is displayed for each file. If a thumbnail is not available a file type icon appears. Click any thumbnail to open a preview of the file. A preview is a pop-up dialog that displays a larger thumbnail. In preview, you can navigate to the next and previous files in the gallery.