Enable or Disable Link Validation

This section describes the process for enabling and disabling the Tiny Editors use of the Tiny Editors Services hyperlinking service for link validation.

Before you begin

Before you begin: The Tiny Editor Services must be installed and to use the hyperlinking service for link validation it must not be disabled in the application.conf.


  1. Using a plain text editor, open customization_path/javascript/tiny/editors/connections/config.js.
  2. Locate the property linkValidationEnabled such as linkValidationEnabled: true, and set it to:
    • true to allow the Tiny Editors to validate links using the hyperlinking service.
    • false to stop the Tiny Editors from validating links using the hyperlinking service.
  3. When you have finished making configuration changes, follow the post-customization steps to ensure the server cache is updated.
    Note: If the configuration changes do not take affect, restart the Common enterprise application to force a cache update.