Enable or Disable Spellchecking

This section describes the process for enabling and disabling the use of the Tiny Editors Services spelling service.

Before you begin

Before you begin: The Tiny Editors Services must be installed.


  1. Using a plain text editor, open customization_path/javascript/tiny/editors/connections/config.js.
    Note: Use a plain text editor to avoid inserting invalid formatting or symbols into config.js. Do not use a rich text editor such as Microsoft Word for editing configuration files.
  2. Locate the property spellingServiceEnabled such as spellingServiceEnabled: true, and set it to:
    • true to allow the Tiny Editors to spellcheck using the spelling service.
    • false to stop the Tiny Editors from spellchecking using the spelling service.
  3. When you have finished making configuration changes, follow the post-customization steps to ensure the server cache is updated.
    Note: If the configuration changes do not take affect, restart the Common enterprise application to force a cache update.