Administering Profiles

Profiles provides two types of administrative capabilities: configuration settings and administrative commands. You change configuration settings and execute administrative commands by running scripts from the wsadmin command line.

Jython Scripts run from a wsadmin command line are used to configure and to administer Profiles. These scripts use the AdminConfig object available in IBM® WebSphere® Application Server Admin (wsadmin) to interact with the configuration repository.

You can update the Profiles environment in two ways:
Configuration settings
Modify these settings to control various configurable applications within Profiles. When you make configuration changes, you use scripts to check out the Profiles configuration file, profiles-config.xml, make changes, and then check the file back in. A server restart is required for your changes to take effect.
Administrative commands
Use these commands to control various aspects of the Profiles environment. Administrative commands do not require a server restart to take effect.