Developing custom Tivoli Security Integrator assembly lines for Profiles

You can use Tivoli Security Integrator connectors to develop custom assembly-line scripts when you need to provide a specific type of function.

For example, if you do not want to populate Profiles with photos or pronunciation files using the standard method covered in Adding supplemental content to Profiles, you might want to use the Photo connector or Pronunciation connector as an alternative.

Tivoli Security Integrator connectors are components that are used to access and update information sources. Connectors allow you to build your assembly lines without having to handle the technical details of working with different data stores, systems, services, or transports. Each type of connector suppresses implementation details and specifically handles the details of data source access. For more information about programming Tivoli Security Integrator connectors, see the SDI Reference Guide.

HCL Connections provides the following connectors:
  • Profile connector
  • Photo connector
  • Pronunciation connector
  • Codes connector
Note: The only supported methods for writing data or modifying data in the Profiles database are the following:
  • Using the supplied Profiles Tivoli Security Integrator assembly lines
  • Using the Profiles ATOM administrative API
  • Developing custom assembly lines using the Profiles TSI connectors
Writing directly to the Profiles database, including using Tivoli Security Integrator database connectors to do so, is not supported and can lead to data loss and application malfunction.