Administering Bookmarks

You configure and administer Bookmarks using scripts accessed using the wsadmin client. Changes to Bookmarks configuration settings require a restart of the Bookmarks server before they take effect. Changes made using administrative commands take effect immediately.

There are two ways you can update your Bookmarks environment:
  • Configuration settings: These settings control various configurable applications within Bookmarks. They require a server restart to take effect, and they all have the following form: DogearCellConfig.<command_name>(<arguments>) .
  • Administrative commands: These commands control various aspects of the Bookmarks environment and community users. They do not require a server restart to take effect, and they take the following form: <service_name>Service.<command_name, arguments>.

When you make configuration changes, you use scripts to check out the Bookmarks configuration file, make changes, and then check the file back in.

When you use administrative commands to control the operation of a Bookmarks server, no file checkout is necessary and your changes take effect immediately.