Enabling type-ahead search

Enable the type-ahead search feature using Elasticsearch in an HCL Connections deployment.

Before you begin

Review the topic, Managing the Elasticsearch index for Connections type-ahead search to determine if you want to change the default number of shards or replicas. These values should be changed prior to creating the index.

Verify that the server can connect to the Elasticsearch server and that SSL is configured.

About this task

You can configure type-ahead search using either the stand-alone Elasticsearch server or the Elasticsearch component of the Component Pack for Connections.


  1. Run the following SearchService administration command:

    For information on running SearchService commands, see SearchService commands.

    Attention: This step must complete successfully before you proceed to step 2.
  2. Update the LotusConnections-config.xml file in the Deployment Manager profile configuration folder:

    Add the following statement to the <properties> section of the file:

    <genericProperty name="quickResultsEnabled">true</genericProperty>
  3. Update the search-config.xml file in the Deployment Manager profile configuration folder:

    Add the following statements to the <propertySettings> section:

    <property name="quickResults">
         <propertyField name='quick.results.elasticsearch.indexing.enabled' value='true'/>
         <propertyField name='quick.results.solr.indexing.enabled' value='false'/>
         <propertyField name='quick.results.use.solr.for.queries' value='false'/>
  4. Synchronize the nodes and then restart the servers or clusters that are running the Search and Common applications.