Deploying the survey gadget on the HCL Connections home page

To deploy the survey gadget so community members can use it, follow these steps.


  1. Open a browser. Navigate to /homepage and log in to the Administrator's home page as an administrator.
  2. Click Administration in the navigation.
  3. Click the Add another app button.
  4. Select the following options.
    1. Select Open Social Gadget
    2. In the Security section, choose Trusted.
    3. In the UI integration points section, check the Show for Activity stream events check box.
    4. In the Server access via Proxy section, select All servers.
    5. Leave Service Mappings blank.
    6. Add an app title, such as Surveys, the URL address, and the secure URL address. The gadget URL is ${COMMON_CONTEXT_ROOT}/web/
  5. Click Save.
  6. Enable the gadget by clicking the Enable button in the Disabled widgets list.

What to do next

To quickly check to set up, look in the Enabled widgets window. Surveys Gadget is in that list.