Customizing images

You can update the images used in HCL Connections to suit the needs of your organization. For example, you can replace the IBM® logo with your company logo, or customize the sprited images and file type icons that are used in the product interface to fit with your company's branding.


When HCL Connections encounters a new image, it attempts to rewrite the URI to the resource. This behavior cannot be changed. Therefore, you can no longer use relative paths in your CSS to identify the location of your images. Instead, you must now provide a full path to the images so that the server can find them.


Using a custom image in CSS
.lotusui30 .lotusBanner .lotusLogo {
background-image: url("/");
height: image_heightpx;
width: image_widthpx;

All of your existing themes must be updated if you plan to use them in HCL Connections.