Backing up and restoring sub-PowerCubes

Each month, one sub-PowerCube is generated containing data for the past month. These sub-PowerCubes are stored on the disk as files that you can use for backing up and restoring a month’s worth of data in the PowerCube.

About this task

Backing up a sub-PowerCube only preserves one month’s data at a time. Rebuilding a PowerCube requires a full restore from the raw Metrics database. For information on restoring an entire PowerCube, see Restoring the entire Metrics database and PowerCube or Restoring the Metrics database and PowerCube incrementally.


  1. To back up a month’s worth of PowerCube data, copy the previous month’s sub-PowerCube file to a different server:

    Back up the most recent sub-PowerCube that contains data for an entire month; do not back up the current month’s data because it is incomplete.

    1. On the server hosting the IBM® Cognos® Transformer component, navigate to the Powercube_save_path/MetricsTrxCube directory, which is where sub-PowerCube files for each month are stored.

      The Powercube_save_path is the value of the cognos.cube.path property specified in the file.

    2. Copy the sub-PowerCube for the previous month to the backup location.
  2. To restore a PowerCube, copy the backed-up version of the sub-PowerCube back to the original server:
    1. On the server storing the backup files, navigate to the location of the saved PowerCube file and copy the most recent month’s backup file.
    2. On the server hosting the IBM® Cognos® Transformer component, copy the retrieved file to the Powercube_save_path/MetricsTrxCube directory.
    3. Either wait for the scheduled cube refresh job to run, or run it manually.

      After the cube refresh job finishes, the changes are updated to the Cognos® server.