Using a custom source repository connector

By creating custom source repository connectors, you can integrate data from non-LDAP sources when you are populating Profiles with user data.

To integrate a custom source repository, create custom versions of the following two assembly lines and package them as IBM® Tivoli® Directory Integrator adapters:
Iterator connector
This adapter iterates sequentially through all the users in your user directory. It is used by a number of iterative Tivoli® Directory Integrator scripts. For example, it is used to retrieve the full information for initial data population using the collect_dns script and during data synchronization using the sync_all_dns script.
Lookup connector
This adapter looks up individual users in your user directory. It is used by the populate_from_dns_file script.
For more information about using adapters, see the Tivoli® Directory Integrator product documentation

After packaging your assembly lines, you can use them in your TDI solution by copying the file you published, such as the adapter.xml file, into the packages Profiles TDI solution directory.

Add a reference to the profiles property store to your adapter files by running the or fixup_tdi_adapters.bat command. This reference is required to use the Profiles Tivoli® Directory Integrator adapter. Even if you do not believe that your adapter file requires access to the profiles property store, there is no penalty for adding the reference so it is strongly advised that you run this command regardless.