Managing membership in Communities

Use administrative commands to add and remove community members. You can also disable the Add Members button if you do not want community owners to add people to communities without their consent, or disable the invitations feature if you do not want to allow people to invite others to join their community.


When users import people using the Members widget in Communities, user names in an email address cannot contain special characters. For example, user_name in this email address cannot contain any special characters:

When the name of a group that is used in a community is renamed in LDAP, the old group name still appears on the Members page of the community. The new group name does not appear in the community, until a member of that group logs in and accesses Communities.

When you delete a group from the LDAP Directory, and that group has been used by communities for membership, the deleted group still appears in the Members page of the community with member access. The group members no longer have member access to the community due to the group deletion, and the deleted group cannot be added to other communities.

An activity that is part of a community maintains a cache of Community users. That cache expires after 10 minutes. If the community membership of a user changes, and that user is also a member of a community activity, then membership change is only visible after the cache expires.