Moderation roles

Monitor and control the content of blogs, community files, and forums using the moderation tools.

As the HCL Connections administrator, you can do the following to enable and configure moderation:
  • Enable or disable moderation for content before it is published and after it is published.
  • Assign the Global-Moderator role to users so they can moderate all content from a central UI.
  • Set up categories and route which moderators see what flagged content.
  • Enable owner moderation for blogs, forums, or community files so that owners can publish their content directly to a blog, forum, or community file and moderate content for the blogs, forums, or community files they own.
When moderation is enabled, users can:
  • Flag published blog or forum posts or community files that are inappropriate
  • Submit content for review.
  • Blog and forum users can edit their own published content.
  • In addition, Blog owners can view their own submitted, rejected, or published content.
Users you have assigned the Global-Moderator role can:
  • Approve, reject or delete submitted content.
  • Dismiss, quarantine or delete flagged content and restore quarantined content.
  • Provide an explanation to the author when rejecting submitted content, dismissing or quarantining flagged content, or when restoring quarantined content.
  • View and directly edit submitted content or comments

When owner moderation is enabled, blog, forum, or community owners can manage the content in the blog, forum, or community files they own.