Adding widgets to the Highlights page

Add widgets to the Highlights app to aggregate content for community users.

The Highlights app is a unique app in a community because it provides a means to add widgets to a community page to include content from a variety of sources.

To add a Highlights widget:
  1. If you have not already created a Highlights page, choose Community Actions > Add Apps then choose Highlights from the apps list.
  2. From the community navigation bar, choose Highlights. Note that it might be on the More menu. Your highlights page will include a collection of widgets that mirror the apps already available in your community.
  3. Open the Highlights page and click the Customize button.
  4. Click Create widgets to add a widget.
  5. Choose a widget from the list.
Attention: Some of the widgets include options to configure them for personalization, so that the logged-in user will see content relating specifically to them. The personalization options are not currently supported for the Highlights widgets. Additionally, mobile users of the News widgets in the Highlights app cannot create content in the widgets. These include the News, News Channel, News List, News Overview, and News Slider widgets.
This table lists the widgets you can add to the Highlights page. For details on configuring each type of widget, click the widget name to view documentation for that widget.
Widget name Description
Activity Stream Include activity stream content from a specified source.
Note: If the activity stream is configured to use a Sharebox, users will not be able to enter @mentions in a post.
ATOM/RSS Feed Display RSS or ATOM feeds from external sites within that widget.
Clipping Display content from other sites, such as the news section from an external website.
Community Description Display the description for a specified community.
Community Members Display community members in a tiles grid.
Event Include events or campaigns from a specified source community.
Featured Communities Display the descriptions for communities you want to feature.
Files Display files from a specified source.
Files Explorer Display folder navigation for the specified files source.
Forum Display forum content from specified sources.
HTML Use HTML to include elements from an external site.
Ideation Blog Choose a source ideation blog users can use to contribute and vote for ideas directly from the Highlights page.
IFrame Use the IBM Connections proxy to access to HTTP sites.
Important Links Display links marked as important in the specified Bookmarks app.
Links Include links to resources.
Media Gallery Include images or videos from a specified community.
My Communities Personalize to display the logged-in user's communities.
My Files Personalize to display the logged-in user's files.
My Links Personalize to display the logged-in user's bookmarks.
My Notes Display your to dos and notes for just you to see.
My Quicklinks Add a list of links to the page.
Navigation Create a custom navigation for the Highlights page.
News Include content from one or more blogs.
News Channel Include content from a specified community or blog.
News List Include links to selected posts from a specified source.
News Overview Display the description for a news source.
News Slider Include a slider control that users can use to switch between news sources.
People Birthday Display people who have a birthday today.
People Finder Add a search tool for finding people in IBM Connections.
People Selector Display up to 100 people from IBM Connections.
Pinned Files Include links to files pinned in the specified Files app.
Popular Content Display links to most visited content.
Preferences Displays options for updating settings.
Profile Completion Add an indicator for how complete a user's profile is.
Note: If you configure this widget to display the Time Zone field, the field will display even if it is empty, so the user can fill it in.
Profile Picture Let users update their profile picture.
Profile Tagging Let users manage their profile tags.
Rich Content Craft rich content for your community. Post text, links, images and more.
Saved Search Let users save a custom search and sort results.
Static Content - Blog Display static content, such as overview text, for a specified blog.
Static Content - Wiki Display static content, such as instruction text, for a specified wiki.
Tag Cloud Include a tag cloud for one or more specified communities.
Teaser Display an image from another site, optionally with a caption.
Top News Display specific news items in a prominent location with extensive display of a single news item.

For more information about using Highlights widgets, see the complete widget documentation.