Adding apps to increase capabilities

Add apps to your Community so that members can benefit from them.

What are apps?

"App" is just a shorthand name for software application.

Add apps

When you first create a Community, it displays some apps by default, for example, the Recent updates, Files and Bookmarks apps. When you add an app to a community, it's posted on the Overview page.

Tip: Typically, there's a single instance of each app to a community, but you can have multiple instances of the Gallery, Library, and Rich Content apps. The Highlights app is a unique app that allows community owners to include content from a variety of sources and personalize how users interact with the community. A Highlights app is often used as a new home page for the community.
To add an app to your community:
  1. Open a community to which you have Owner access.
  2. From the community Overview page, select Community Actions > Add Apps.
  3. Click an app to add it to the community.
The app is added to the main pane of the Overview page, and a link to the app is displayed in the Community navigation bar.

Working with community apps

Once you add an app use the options available from the Actions Actions icon icon to change how the apps appear in the community.

From the community Overview page, click the Actions icon in the title bar of the app that you want to work with. There are lots of ways to modify an app, the most important are these:

  • To work with app settings, select Edit. These settings differ depending on the type of app that you're working with. Some apps cannot be edited.
  • To change the app title, select Change Title. The title of some apps cannot be changed.
  • To temporarily remove the app from the community, select Hide. The app is removed from the overview page but persists in the navigation bar. You can restore the app and its contents by selecting Community Actions > Add Apps and choosing the app from the Hidden section of the palette.
  • To permanently remove an app, select Remove. Complete the form that displays and then click Delete.