Creating a custom page with a Highlights app

Use a Highlights app to create a page where you can aggregate content from a variety of sources.

You add a Highlights app to a page just as you add any of the Communities apps.
  1. Choose Community Actions > Add Apps then choose Highlights from the apps list.
  2. From the community navigation bar, choose Highlights. Note that it might be on the More menu. Your highlights page will include a collection of widgets that mirror the apps already available in your community.
  3. Click Customize to add widgets to the page or access page settings.

You can configure the widgets on the Highlights page to create a portal-like experience where content from several sources is aggregated on the page.

For example, you might include a news feed that brings in posts from a couple of key blogs that everyone in your community can see. You can make a community a one-stop experience for your user, where, on one page, they can find everything they need to collaborate with a team.

Attention: To configure Highlights widgets you should be comfortable working with HTML or configuring a portal.

For more information about using Highlights widgets, see the widgets documentation.

Tip: After creating a Highlights app you can set the app as the Start Page so that users will land on the Highlights page when they access the community. Choose Edit Community then choose Highlights from the list of pages for Start Page.